Clubhouse is ‘the 2021 version of conference calls’

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Ways logistics companies can utilize social media in branding and marketing strategies. Vaynerchuk discussed organic reach — the number of unique users who have seen or interacted with your content through other users’ actions such as resharing or commenting. He explained that as platforms develop, some sites lose this type of reach.

“When platforms get mature like Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and Instagram, you don’t get [organic reach] anymore because ads take up that extra inventory of attention,” he said.

Vaynerchuk went on to describe platforms that still have high organic reach, including the social media newcomer Clubhouse.

“You should start logistics rooms tonight; it would be huge for you,” he emphasized.

What is Clubhouse?

Clubhouse is an audio chat app that is described in the iPhone App Store as a “space for casual, drop-in audio conversations — with friends and other interesting people around the world.” Currently only available to iPhone users, the app’s user onboarding strategy is reminiscent of Facebook’s early days: an invite-only approach.

While this can be frustrating for users trying to access the app, it does add a layer of validation. In a culture in which “likes” matter, Clubhouse flips this narcissistic trend and encourages users to strategize who they “nominate” to access the app. Once you are in the app, you are able to build your bio and connect social media platforms, including Instagram and Twitter.

From there, the app takes the approach of many in-person conventions. Users can create individual “clubs” based on specific industries or interests that can be run by an individual or board creating rules and guidelines, such as no political talk or no company advertising.

Individual users and clubs can also create live “rooms.” These rooms act like in-person panel discussions in which a moderator can choose who to bring up to speak while all other attendees are mute but still have the option “raise your hand” to be given permission by the moderator to join the panel and have the ability to speak.

While you can receive more nomination invites or more followers for being active on the platform, there is no “like” culture. In an audio-only environment, the way you look becomes meaningless and what you have to say can become powerful.

How to use Clubhouse

In an interview with FreightWaves, Jorie Myers, the founder of the Transportation and Logistics Club on Clubhouse, spoke on the audio-only approach.

“You don’t have a whole photo catalog to speak for you before someone can hear what you say,” he said. “It’s based off of your voice and your ability to add value and connect to people.”

Myers was introduced to the app by his wife, who turned to Clubhouse as a singer looking for a way to broaden her audience. His group is now one of the largest transportation groups on the platform and has worked with companies like OTR Capital to offer discounts and room discussions to empower his more than 8,000 club members.

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